St. Pete Stories

St Pete Stories receives international recognition


Thank you for a thoroughly engaging, inspiring and magical series!        Watch this space for news about the next “St Pete Stories” event.

MyCity_rackcd3 frontWhat are St. Pete Stories? Four evenings of conversations about our St. Petersburg community. We’ll explore St. Peterburg’s people, places and common values. We all experience our city based on where we live and who we are.  St. Pete Stories invites you to add your truth to the conversation. This is our chance. Let’s talk!

At St. Pete Stories, you’ll see a theatrical performance of the stories of residents.  You’ll have an opportunity to share your vision in a spirit of learning and curiosity. And you’ll leave with a fuller picture of who St. Petersburg is and how essential your story is to its future.

Presented by the City of St. Petersburg, St. Pete Stories events are free and open to the public.

St. Pete Stories is produced in partnership with the City of St. Petersburg  by Your Real Stories, Communication Research Enterprises, Inc., and Competency & Performance Solutions.


St Pete Stories receives international recognition


3 Replies to “St. Pete Stories”

  1. I stumbled across your mystories:StPete Part 2 and then was compelled to find and watch Part 1. That was more than 2 hours that I was supposed to be reviewing my students homework. But it was very captivating and worth every minute that I watched.

    If you are taking suggestions, I have some names for you Bettye Burnett Scott, Catherine Crumb, and General Carrie Nero.

    Either way continue doing what you are doing and I will come again to your website to see where your next event will be.

  2. I am president of the Tampa Bay Storytellers’ Guild, and would love to connect with storytellers in the area.

    We are having a STORY SLAM on Nov. 18th at PATCHWORKS, next door to Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater. The theme is “IT WAS A SURPRISE.” As we are a non-profit group, we are asking a $5 per person entry to the event. All the money will be awarded to the best teller(s) of the evening, who will be judged by people chosen from the audience. The stories are limited to 5 minutes.

    It all begins at 6:30 p.m. Food available from Nature’s Food Patch next door.

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